iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Repair & Replacement

As Apple says, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a textured matte glass back and feature the toughest glass ever in a smartphone. But glass is still glass after all, it will always encounter some accident resulting in broken. If you are unfortunate enough to meet such a problem, the official after-sales repair service may cost several hundred dollars.

M-Triangel has been looking for a more cost-effective and safe way to complete the iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass repair & replacement. We tried a heat-gun disassembly, which turned out to take several hours to complete the back glass replacement. Then we tried freeze separation, which also did not yield good results. But when we tried laser separation, it took just under an hour to complete a replacement. If you happen to own a laser separating machine, then you can probably get the repair done for as little as $10.

Let’s get right to the tutorial.

The process of laser separation

First, place the iPhone 11 Pro under the probe and press the autofocus button to let the machine automatically adjust the focus of the laser head. If the focus is not modified, the laser is unable to remove the adhesive glue.

Second, place the phone into the working area of the laser.

Third, in the computer program, select the “iPhone 11 Pro” drawings and click on the load to see that drawings have been drawn in the middle of the screen. The black part is the laser grinding part, and it occupies a large area, can effectively remove the glue.

Fourth, start the red light preview, we can see that the position has been aligned.

the process of laser separation

Scanning the back cover glass with a laser

Click on “Mark” on the computer program to start laser scanning of the rear glass. We can clearly see the laser is removing the entire phone change and the coating on the back during this process.

scanning the back cover glass with a laser

When the laser run is complete, we can see that the color under the glass has disappeared. And the drawing avoids some precise parts, which we need to remove manually. But the laser has done 90% of the task for us, and we only need to do what the laser can’t do to complete the repair.

the color under the glass has disappeared

The camera part is the most difficult part of iPhone 11 Pro to repair, but after our efforts, we drew the drawing separately for the camera area to reduce our repair difficulty. So we need to do another laser scan, this time for the camera area only.

laser scan camera part

When finished, the color of the glass in the camera area has changed to transparent.

Separate the back glass from the mid-frame

Before start, you need to put on goggles and gloves to avoid the broken glass will hurt you. First, use the small iron piece to warp the glass from the corner. Then use a harder card or iron to separate the whole glass along the edge slowly. Finally, use pliers to cut and separate the entire glass directly.

separate the back glass from the mid-frame

After scanning by the laser machine, it was very easy for us to separate it. All the glue had been removed, and we could easily disassemble it.

Once removed the majority of the glass, the camera area needed further laser separation. We performed laser scan of the camera area again to allow it to be removed more easily.

After completing several laser scans, the glass became more transparent. At this point we need to resort to a glass cutter to cut the camera area into multiple small pieces of glass. Then use pliers or sculpture knife to remove the glass little by little.

use pliers or sculpture knife to remove the glass

Note: Be careful when using the cutting knife.

Use the laser machine to clean the residual glue

First, we put it into the scanning area of the laser and scan it again. During the scanning process, we can see that the glue on the mid-frame becomes paper-like and very easy to remove.

Second, we can easily peel off all the glue just by hand or with a knife.

Third, the camera area should be cleaned with care not to damage the lens.

Fourth, at this point, the mid-frame has been cleaned up, you can start the next step.

use the laser machine to clean the residual glue

Installing the new iPhone 11 Pro back glass

In the previous step, we can see the original glue smear marks. Then we apply the new glue according to this trace. Then we install the new rear glass on it. Note that after pressing the installation up, you need to fix it with a fixed clip or rubber band, and wait for the glue to dry to complete the whole iPhone 11 Pro back glass replacement.

installing the new iPhone 11 Pro back glass

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