Mi One Laser Separating Machine

Our portable and easy to use laser machine will help you save time and money. It’s the perfect solution because it’s so easy to use! With our machine, you can easily and safely repair broken back glass and make big bucks. Trust the newest and smartest laser machine to separate the back cover from your broken iPhone! It’s so simple and easy to use. Just attach it, turn it on, and voila! New phone in just a moment. No more waiting for days or weeks to get a new phone.


Compatible iPhone models

All iPhone Models.

Advantages of Mi One Laser

High efficient

High Efficient

Compared with the traditional method to repair back glass, the laser separating machine can greatly improve the repair efficiency.



The laser has a safe wavelength and this means it has no harm to the human body.

Simple operation

Simple Operation

This machine supports one-click operation, and it can be operated without professional repair sills.

Multi-model support

Multi-model Support

The Mi one laser machine supports multiple mobile phone brands. Including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi, etc.

Automatically updated

Automatically Updated

The drawing system will be automatically updated according to the release of the new phone.

No need disassembling

No Need Disassembling

No need to disassemble the phone, just remove the broken back cover glass. It makes repairs easier.

Product Details
Model: Mi One
Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Power: 120W
Laser Power: 8W
Laser Wavelength: 1064 nm
Maximum Marking Range: 175*175 mm
Packing Size: 67*63*22CM
Packing Weight: 15.5KG
Using Range: For phone repair, marking, etc.

Why Choose Mi One Laser Separator

Advantages of Mi One Laser Separating Machine:

1. Portable: Integration design causes small volume. It can be easily and cost-effectively to shipping.
2. High accuracy: All drawings are made from real cell phone data.
3. Fast separating speed and high efficiency of phone repairing.
4. The Mi One laser can mark all the graphics created by computer.
5. The software is easy to learn to operate and there are professionals to answer your questions.

Why Choose Mi One Laser Separator

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 67 × 63 × 22 cm


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